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I don't have every Longaberger fabric available for basket liners - but I have a lot of them!

Welcome Summer!

It's time for new experiences, new joys, and new basket liners.

I love working with you to design fresh new liners for your Longaberger® baskets.

The goal is to keep the ordering process simple and fun. This is a small but mighty fifteen-year-old company with the goal of outstanding customer service.  I'm happy to have happy customers from all 50 states.
We've been having fun creating basket liners since 2001.
Just in!  Fifty-five yards of beautiful Longaberger fabric from Anchorage for basket liners.

Lea, your new liners are ready to ship.

Your Longaberger baskets just called.  They all want fresh, new looks. 

 Someone's getting a new wardrobe for their baskets!  

I love working with beautiful fabrics and giving your Longaberger baskets fresh, new looks


*Basket Liners for You has been in business for over 15 years.

*You won't find this selection of Longaberger® fabrics anywhere else.

*You aren't limited to our fabrics - find what you like online or provide your fabric.  When you provide the fabric, of course the price is less to have them created.

*Basket Liners For You specializes in liners for retired Longaberger® baskets. 

*Do I make liners for every Longaberger® basket?  No, but I do make liners for a few hundred of them. 

*I won't keep you waiting long!  My goal is to have special orders ready to mail within three weeks after payment is received.

*Your liner will be over-the-edge with a tailored self-fabric binding unless you specify a stand-up liner.  Stand-up liners may have a self-fabric binding or for a bit more a rolled edge or ruffled edge finish.


*This business has a proud history of making customers happy. Check out our feedback on EBay and unsolicited feedback from customers (see the second item in the column on the left)! 


And the bottom line?  I'm not happy until you are happy.

Yes, we have some khaki check to sew with. Botanical fields, too!

Three ways to get our basket liners with fabrics you'll love:


1.  Custom, special order liners to be created from our Longaberger brand fabric.


2.  Select fabric from Thousands of Bolts and have it sent to us for your liners.  We'll let you know how much fabric to order.


3.  Purchase your fabric locally and send it for liners.  I'll help you decide how much fabric to send.  

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Cindy Crawford (the liner designer, NOT the model)


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